15 years of blogging…

In December, 2000 I started my Scobleizer blog.

Damn, thinking about how much the world has changed since then. (I also posted this to Facebook here).

Back then there was:
No Facebook.
No YouTube.
No Twitter. Or Google+. Or Quora.
No Uber. Or Lyft.
No iPhone. Or iPads. Heck, even the iPod hadn’t been invented yet.
No Android.
No self driving cars.
No Waze.
No Google Maps.
No Spotify. Or Soundcloud.
No WordPress.
No Wechat.
No Flipkart.
No AirBnb.
No Flipboard.
No LinkedIn.
No AngelList.
No Techcrunch.
No Google Glass.
No Y Combinator. Or Techstars. Or Geekdom.
No AWS. Or OpenStack. Or Azure.
No Snapchat.
No Skype. Or Hangouts.
No Yelp.
No Kickstarter.
No Apple Stores.
No Periscope. Or HangW/. Or Meerkat. Or, even, Qik or Kyte, which are gone now.
No Nest.
No drones.
No Kindle.
No Foursquare.
No Pebble. Fitbit. Or Apple Watch.
No Tesla. Or Hybrid cars. Or electric cars.

I can’t remember how we survived back then.

If I live another 15 years, what will we see?

Maybe I should fire up my blog again. I was thinking of doing that as a repository of my newsletter. http://www.scobleizer.com

Oh, and thanks to Dori Smith and Dave Winer. The two of them convinced me to start a blog (they were speakers at a conference I was helping plan back then, working for Dan Shafer). I thought blogging wasn’t important enough to add a session about it to our conference. Now there are conferences on blogging, even a famous one just for women bloggers. But they got me to start and Dave’s blog at http://www.scripting.com is still at the top of my reading list.

Author: Robert Scoble

Scoble gives you a front-row seat on the future. Especially on platforms that use the fourth user interface, spatial computing, like virtual reality or mixed reality that will come soon thanks to his own front-row seat as entrepreneur in residence at UploadVR.com and his past experience as futurist at Rackspace. Best place to find Scoble? On his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/scobletechnology/