John Dvorak gives interesting reason for MSFT’s bad press

John Dvorak has an interesting theory about media bias and technology reporting. Yes, he pulls the Mac card out. That’s what opinion leaders do when they want more links, more traffic, and more hate mail. But, I have noticed the same bias — even at blogging conferences. I take note of such things. At blogging conferences you’ll see something like 60% Macs. So, will they be able to write authoritatively about anything that comes down on the Windows side of the house? You telling me you read me for my Mac tips and tricks? Heheh!

Sorry for taking off a couple of days

This has been a very busy week. Next week I’ll be in Silicon Valley so needed to get a bunch of interviews done. Plus I’ve been biasing my time to keeping up with email (I’m back on the David Allen plan, my inbox only has two messages in it right now) as well as doing Channel 9 videos (I’ve already loaded five videos this week, including one on the new InfoPath and one on Windows Vista’s new sidebar and gadgets).

Thank you to the crew at for fixing the bug. In an hour I get a demo of Sphere, a new blog search engine coming soon. This has been getting a lot of buzz, so can’t wait. Here’s an interview with Tony Conrad, the CEO at Sphere.