Trulia, real estate listing winning raves in Silicon Valley

The ScanR folks are raving about Trulia, which is a new Real Estate Search page. Very interesting. A couple of Stanford kids started it.

Speaking of which, in 10 minutes I’ll be in the office where Google, Logitech, and Paypal started their business lives. I’m meeting the current company: Picaboo (they do a peer-to-peer photo sharing application). Are they the next Google, or even Flickr? Well, we’re heading across University Ave. to get a look.

Ahh, tons of people are emailing me (that’s a link to John Battelle’s blog, since I’m getting an error when I hit it). No, I still can not confirm, nor deny, where I’ll be the next two days. Let’s just say I’m not in Redmond anymore. 😉

Yes, I still work at Microsoft and am still VERY excited about Microsoft’s future.

Cool cell phone apps coming soon

I’m sitting with Chris Dury, VP of marketing of ScanR. Really cool cell phone service. You take a picture of a whiteboard and it processes and and uploads and forwards the image. But a lot better cleaned up than if you were only moderately skilled with Photoshop. Same for business cards. The service runs on Windows Server 2003, they run on any phone, and have specialized apps for Windows Mobile phones. Coming soon, they are planning their coming out party for the CES show in Las Vegas in January.

They are thinking of other kinds of things you can do with cell phone cameras, too and talk about some of their ideas on their blog.

Zvents: interesting events and calendar site

I’m sitting here with the Zvents team. In a house on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley. I love the smell of startups!

They have an interesting site that lets you find things to do. Right now it only works for the San Francisco Bay Area. They also have an interesting Web-based calendar where you can even keep track of your family and friends.

There’s so much to say. Run a lot by tags. Good search engine. Found things like air shows, wine crushing. More later, I’m late for my next meeting. Can they solve that? Heheh.

Les Blog in Paris program set

I can’t wait for Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris. They just released the schedule. Marc Canter said he’s going, among others. It’s our first time in Paris and we’re gonna have a great time. I have a new slide deck — all based on Hugh Macleod’s cartoons. I limited myself to the clean ones. It was hard finding good ones that didn’t use adult language.