Scoble should be fired, author tells Microsoft

Heh, I’m getting emails from across Microsoft. Seems that Brian Fugere just told Microsoft, in a presentation on the Redmond Campus (we invite people to speak to our employees nearly every day — those speeches are recorded and streamed to every employee on our intranet), to fire me. I haven’t heard his presentation, but figured I’d put that out there and see what he says.

Who is he? He’s one of the authors of Why business people speak like idiots.

His quote, as passed to me by other Microsoft employees: “You PAY that guy to criticize you??? Maybe I missed some irony?”

I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote. Tomorrow when I get back on campus I’ll check the video out and get the exact quote and context behind what he said. Here’s another interpretation of what he said: “I think it’s crap that you guys pay Scoble to work here and say the things he does. Paying some one to criticize your company? Not at my company.”

So, thought I’d take that calling out into public and see what you think. Maybe I should start a Web site: Fire Scoble or not.

How do I feel about this? It comes with the job. If you write in public you better be ready for broadsides to come from all angles. I won’t argue with his points until I know the full story. It is a good way to get some traffic to his book site, though. I bet that video will be highly viewed one inside Microsoft.

Update: Here’s the quote, thanks to Steven: “I’m shocked that you guys tolerate Scoble. I mean, it’s like give me a break. Here’s a guy that you pay to criticize you. And you can say, I know the other side of the argument, I’m well aware of it, it’s like listen celebrate, you know, celebrate the openness and all that kind of stuff. To me that’s crap. I think it’s crap. You pay him to say the kinds of things he says? Not in my company man, no way. But I like the other things, the fact that you’re opening up and blogging and working with your customers.”

Also, two employees who attended the talk wrote about it on their blogs. I hear the talk overall was great. Here’s Liz Lawley’s blog and Adam Barr’s blogs about the event.