Bloggers up in arms about Forbes cover

Dan Gillmor: Forbes Trashy Blog Attack.
Steve Rubel: Forbes Cover Story Blows It, Calling Bloggers Lynch Mobs

Watch Memeorandum on this one.

What do I think?

We are being played. What’s a better way to remind the online world you exist? Attack. I bet they have more traffic in this 24-hour period than they’ll have in the past month.

There is some truth to what Forbes writes. The Internet can be a mob at times and often the stuff you read is just plain ridiculous. But, the way to answer the ridiculousness isn’t to throw bombs into the mix. It’s to get involved and participate in the conversation.

This is bad advice for businesses to listen to, but I find that businesses aren’t listening to just one voice when it comes to blogging. Most business people do their homework (getting the facts on blogs from a wide variety of sources)¬†and come to their own conclusions. At least the good ones do.

This isn’t the last of the attacks on blogs, believe me. There are whole industries threatened by this stuff.

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