Talk Technorati to me, baby!

So, tonight we went out to dinner with Chris Pirillo and Ponzi.

Something funny happened.

While Chris and I were talking about Gnomedex Ponzi and Maryam started talking about blogging. Now that’s not all that unusual, but usually Maryam would be complaining about how much time I’d spend blogging. Tonight, however, was different.

She was bragging about her hits and comparing notes on commenting styles, trackbacks, and such. Then they started comparing Technorati and Pubsub. She was saying that Technorati is a lot better for searching her name than Pubsub. Ponzi was defending Pubsub.

This caught my attention so much so that I guess I started staring longingly at Maryam.

Ponzi noticed that and told Maryam “he’s giving you ‘the look’.” Maryam figured out what was up, turned to me and said:

“Does it turn you on when I talk Technorati, baby?”

Busted! Guilty as charged. 🙂

Update: Steve Rubel talks gives us 10 Technorati tips in a separate post. Um, Steve, you trying to tell me something? Heheh.