Gaming Memeorandum, NOT!

Oh, boy, Memeorandum can be gamed? Um, sorta, but only by hacking the humans who participate in Memeorandum’s link analysis. Just by linking to this article, which already is on Memeorandum, I am gaming it.

Pete Cashmore says that humans are better, because they can’t be gamed. I say BS!!! We are gamed regularly and in many ways more transparently than an algorithm can be (an algorithm is just more consistent).

To game Memeorandum you must talk people who are on Memeorandum’s seed list into gaming the system. It’s NOT THE ALGORITHM THAT YOU ARE GAMING. It’s the humans!!! Got it?

Guess what? Five of us could get together and game it. You can only do that a few times, though and if Gabe notices you are doing it you’ll get pulled out of the database and where will that lead you then?

But, here’s how Memeorandum works and why gaming it isn’t very likely (and why there is almost zero spam on Memeorandum):

Gabe Rivera started with about 1,000 bloggers. He hand selected them. Then he built his algorithm to look at linking behavior. Depending on the day it might take as little as one link to get onto Memeorandum (I’ve noticed that sometimes as soon as I link to something it gets on there, but only rarely). So, to game it you should wait for a slow news day.

The real trick you should think about there? Write a sexy headline. That catches more blogger’s eyes and gets them to link to you.

Here, what’s sexier?

Yahoo’s maps rock
Yahoo’s new pretty maps doomed (and so are Microsoft’s)


The second headline was at the top of Memeorandum for almost an entire day, so I know which one caught your eye.

Then, you need to write a bit of length. Oh, and stay on topic. Again, both things that a human would use to judge whether a post is worth reading. Short one-line posts don’t make it onto Memeorandum (which is why Dave Winer rarely appears).

Other tips? Get other bloggers to link to your blog. Remember that bloggers, if they don’t know you, don’t like to be begged for links. Also, write original content that adds value to the world. I find that when I’m just being an echo chamber maiden, like now I’ll only make it underneath a post in Memeorandum, but if I post an original idea or something new that I’ll get on the top of Memeorandum.

All systems can be gamed, though, even human ones. Why do you think we have advertising?

Oh, and if Memeorandum is being gamed, why can’t it be gamed on both of its sites at once? Ever think about that one?

Gates/Ozzie challenge Microsoft to “alter its business”

Well, the Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates series of memos that were sent around here are now breaking in the news (Dave Winer is linking to the important ones and has a picture of Bill Gates up on his blog to boot). Around here we call the Gates one “the birthday memo.” In honor of BillG’s 50th birthday.

They are important memos. I’m still reeling from their significance. I don’t want to be the first one to break wind in public about them, but they are long memos. The longest I’ve received since becoming a Microsoft employee. They show clear understanding of how the world has changed. They answer a lot of the points I’ve been talking about here on my blog (and, in fact, have been influencing my thinking a lot).

Yes, the guys at top are now yelling “turn, turn, turn.”

Like I said: this disruption game is fun!

Update: Dave Winer just posted the memos.