Meet the Scobles in Europe?

Maryam and I are really getting excited. On November 23 we’re going to Wales for Thanksgiving with her brother. Then over to Cork (more info on the conference I’m speaking at here), Ireland. Then to Dublin, where I’m talking to a .NET User Group. Then to Paris for Les Blogs 2.0. Then to Brussels to meet with another user group. Then back to London for a geek dinner with Hugh Macleod and more than 100 others and I’m going to try to get to the Global Voices 2005 London Summit on the 10th too. There’s a bunch of other things I’ll be doing in between these events too. Doing some Channel 9 videos, and getting around to meet many of Microsoft’s employees.

Les Blogs is looking like a great conference. I’ve never been to Paris. It’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. I hope to meet you at one of these events! Oh, and it’s looking like I’ll get to Switzerland in February, and India next summer. Maryam wanted to take me to Iran this trip, but I couldn’t justify taking so much time away from the office.