#9: the Duke conspiracy

Buzz Bruggeman looked up here in the Apple store and saw someone with a Duke hat. Now, if you know anything about Buzz, you know he’s a major Duke fan. Anyway, Mark Tager was the guy wearing the hat. Turns out he got a medical degree from Duke and now is VP of marketing for Fraxel. They build medical lasers that do remarkable things, he says. Repairs aging and sun-damaged skin. Business is going nuts as the population here ages, he says.

That little encounter is one reason why kids who go to good schools have a major advantage in business over the rest of us. It’s amazing how conversations happen and relationships build.

Those of us who went to San Jose State University have our own little club going. Scott Mace, for instance, and I always find a way to talk cause we have SJSU common in our backgrounds.

Now the two of them are talking about David Allen, and lots of Duke stories. How does networking get done? Well, I’m studying from the master.

#8: Doing my Silicon Valley homework — hello from HDTV land

My son is behind me blogging. Where are we? At the Palo Alto Apple store. Heh, figured if I was going to get to 100 posts about something other than, well, you know, that we better go do some homework. So, we went to Fry’s today. Yesterday I was at the Best Buy. Now we’re at the Apple store. Who’s we? Patrick, and Buzz Bruggeman.

It’s clear that the world is going HDTV. Sony had a big tent out in the parking lot with lots of people sitting in it. The salespeople were swarming. They know that everyone there is a potential $5,000 sale.

Ah, now we’re off to San Francisco to walk around the Golden Gate Bridge. More later.

Oh, and you guys who think that fonts are more readable on a Macintosh are just plain nuts and what’s up with this one button mouse? Heh, yeah, I’m gonna get flamed for those two statements, but I’m on a $1,299 Cinema display and the fonts just look fuzzy to me and the mouse is simply lame. Everything else sure looks sexy though.

One thing Apple sure has down is the retail experience. Aesthetically it’s the best in the industry. From the wood desk I’m typing to you from to the signage to the Eminem screen saver (which matches their TV advertising, which is also most excellent). Oh, and you can see HDTV’s influence all over the store here. Not to mention there’s a Sony HDV camcorder right next to me.

More fun things to come all week. I have lots of fun meetings setup here with people doing remarkable things.

Update, a reply to my son Patrick: using WordPress on the Mac/Safari doesn’t have a link command either (he noted he couldn’t figure out how to link on the Mac using his blogging service). I had to type my links by hand in HTML. It’s amazingly bad. Now I understand why so many people at blogging events don’t understand how to build links.

No GYM #7: Joe Jaffe is offering a deal for reviewers of his book

My attention is focused on how authors get their books sold now that our own book is coming out soon.

Joe Jaffe has an interesting way to get people to hear about his book, Life After the 30-Second Spot: “Use New Marketing to Prove New Marketing.”

AdRants reports on Joe’s strategy and Joe was on Wisconsin Public Radio the other day too (you can listen on the Web).

Lots of good tips for businesses to get noticed in this new world.

More “no GYM” posts coming tonight. I’m off to hang out with my son and Maryam. Have a great Sunday!