The A list letting a newbie into the club? Nah!

Hey, David Newberger, what makes you think you can crash our little party?

Don’t worry David. I am still trying to figure out how to make it onto the A list myself. Getting on Digg is harder than getting on Slashdot!

By the way, David, keep it up. Your writing has been getting better with each post.

One thing: don’t chase us. That’s lame. Make us chase you! Show us how it’s done. Yeah, I think you have the fundamentals down, which is why I’m checking in on you, but have some fun at this. Oh, and who said we are successful? You’re only successful if you’re having fun. A good blog is authoritative and passionate. Follow your passions and everything else will fall in line. And, if it doesn’t? You’ll still be doing what you love.