Nagging as evangelism…

Hey, Adam, your post reminds me. Have you tried a Tablet PC yet? Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to do GYM posts. Heheh. And with that nag, I’m off.

While I’m gone, there are lots of other places to watch. Microsoft has 2,000 bloggers. Most are at but some are at

My favorite blog news sites are

I’m not looking forward to being offline for 15 hours without a clue about what’s going on (British Air doesn’t have Wifi on their planes yet).

Hope to see you on the other side! Oh, and if you think I’m a shill, you can take a poll about just what kind of shill am I. That’s thanks to Topper Bowers, founder of, a new polling service. Ahh, it’ll be fun to see what that poll looks like after I get off the plane. I noticed that you can vote multiple times, which isn’t good. Oh well, vote early, vote often, I say.