Daily Archives: November 25, 2005

The Home Theater Monster blogs

Chris Greene, of Monster Cable, is now blogging. Now, my brother knows him quite well. I shared Thanksgiving dinner with him two years ago. He called his new blog “Home Theater Monster.” He’s been building Home Theaters for people for years and worked at San Jose’s top home theater store. Looking forward to learning more, especially since I want to buy an HDTV next year.

By the way, congrats to my brother, Alex, who is moving to Portland, Oregon to start a new IT job (he is still blogging about IT for ComputerWorld). He says he got his job because of a blog about cat litter, of all things. Maybe I should take cats more seriously!

Web 2.0 Checklist

How do you know you’re looking at a Web 2.0 site?

Well, check the Web 2.0 Checklist, of course! Heh. I’d add to the list that if you saw it on TechCrunch, or if Tim O’Reilly wrote about it, or the Web 2.0 Working Group site has it, it’s probably a Web 2.0 thing. By the way, Tim has an interesting series on his blog about how alpha geeks got into computers. How did I? I was in Hyde Jr. High’s first computer club. That was 1977. I helped unpack our first Apple II computers. With cassette tape drives! Ahh, those were the days.

Swim for Malaria, Meeting a Welsh View for beer

Des Walsh tells us about a world swim for Malaria. Why is that important? 3,000 children a day die from Malaria, Des writes, and that could be prevented. The swim will raise money for mosquito nets. Sounds good!

I’m giddy like a baby who has a new rattler. Why? Cause Rob Gale wants to meet for beer. His blog is hillarious. One of the best out there. If you see a couple of geeks drinking beer at Murrenger pub in Newport at about 4 p.m. come and join us. I’ve never been in a pub built in 1403. That’s one old pub!