Daily Archives: November 26, 2005

Back to reading feeds…

I’ll be honest. I haven’t been reading many feeds for the past couple of months. Got too busy and got caught up reading Memeorandum. So just let the whole feed thing slide a bit. But, I noticed I was missing the little things. The things no one else would link to (or not enough people would link to to get these things on Memeorandum). So, lately I’ve been reading feeds again. But I’m also going through and reducing my feed list. What’s getting removed?

Any feed that doesn’t run full text. Except for the New York Times.
Any feed that hasn’t published anything for the past month.
Any feed that hasn’t written about tech in the past month.
Any feed that just isn’t very interesting.

What kinds of things am I finding? Well, look at this post by Will Richardson which details how school districts are blocking blogs.

You can follow along my feed culling a few places. First of all, NewsGator is what I’m using to synchronize all my feeds. NewsGator keeps an OPML file of my feeds here and NewsGator also produces my blogroll here. So far I’ve gone through all my feeds from A-D. After I get done I’ll start adding new feeds that I find I’m looking at often.

It’ll be a slow process, though. We’re going to Cardiff for some sightseeing today.

Ed talks about the importance of the back channel

Do you treat everyone nicely?

Well, Ed Sim demonstrates why you need to. He asks his back channel before he hires anyone. I know lots of people who do this.

What’s a back channel? It’s people Ed knows and trusts.

The VCs are very tied into the back channel. One time a VC told me what various people in the industry thought of me (not all of it complimentary, either!)

Think that doesn’t matter? Uh, huh.