Tim Bray wants Microsoft to make Office support ODF

Tim Bray just told me (and my fellow Microsofties) to do more work. He wants us to convert Office to support the open document format from OASIS.

Tim, I think you are GREATLY overstating the point when you say ” Almost all office documents are just paragraphs of text, with some bold and some italics and some lists and some tables and some pictures. Almost all spreadsheets are numbers and labels, with some sums and averages and pivots and simple algebra. Almost all presentations are lists of bullet points with occasional pictures. The capabilities of ODF and O12X are essentially identical for all this basic stuff.”

If they are so similar it’ll be a breeze to write a converter to take one XML file format and convert it into another, right Tim? Hey, Tim, wanna come work for the Office team? I think we have an office open for a co-inventor of XML. Maybe Sun Microsystems can give you a leave of absence. Or, heck, take a vacation and work on it on your three weeks off a year. If it’s so easy someone with your skills should be able to finish the job in a few weeks, no?

But, back to reality, thanks for telling me to do more work. I’m passing the request along.

The full/partial debate roars on…

Well, I see we made Memeorandum. I can tell it’s Sunday. It’s too easy to get on Memeorandum on Sunday. But the debate about partial or full text RSS/Atom feeds rages on…

Duncan Riley chimes in with a scathing rebuke: Unfortunately once again Scoble’s obsession with himself and his inability to consider the points and perspectives of others once again sees Microsoft’s chief blogging spokesperson reflect poor, self centered judgement upon the choices of others.

Scott Milener takes my side, mostly: “Perhaps it depends on your feed reader.

Jason Salas also agrees with me, and says he has other means of generating revenue so all is not lost.

Phil Burns is totally in my camp, saying “I HATE partial text feeds,” but then goes even further than me and chides folks for not offering BOTH full and partial text feeds. Atom lets you do that explicitly, as I found out when I finally found Tim Bray’s Atom Feed earlier today.

Shhh, Phil, see when people say they for partial text feeds only what they really mean to say is “it’s all about the advertising.” I guess I’d rather be obsessed with whether a site treats me well than with whether or not my readers will see any advertising on my site.

Like James Robertson says, customers have the power.

I have 740 feeds that serve us well. Who else?

Advertisers must hate “accidense”

TDavid wins the “come up with a cool new word of the week” award for noticing “accidense.” What’s that? That’s what happens when people accidentally click on Google Adsense ads (he noticed that some Google ads have more clickable whitespace than others, which increases the chance they’ll receive “accidense.”)

Oh, I’ve seen people accidentally click on ads. I wonder if Google is able to discern how much of this goes on? Usually it’s accompanied by a very fast click on the “Back” button.

Shel and I are seeing a very similar behavior. Turns out if you search Google for “Naked” our Naked Conversation site is the 14th item on that list and it’s #3 on MSN Search. Almost every single one of those visits is a short term visit and people very rarely stick around.

This is an example of when picking a popular keyword isn’t exactly going to bring you the best results. I wonder how many commercial sites track their advertising effectiveness by how long the browser sticks around?

Playing with WordPress.com’s photo uploading

Let’s play with this. I’m trying to upload a photo with WordPress.com’s photo uploading capabilities. If that doesn’t work, there’s always our Europe photo book on Flickr.

There must be something wrong with my connection because I can’t get the WordPress.com editor to come up here. It’s been that way most of the trip. Sometimes it comes up after a couple of minutes. Oh well. I’ll try again in the morning.

Speaking of photos, tonight I got an alpha of Riya and uploaded our photos to that too. That’s a lot of fun! Albeit the UI is a bit rough (sometimes selecting the right square to enter a name into is pretty tough). But, I can see that this is going to be a hit. And, yes, Microsoft has something similar under development, but, we aren’t going to get recognition for getting it out first, that’s for sure. Yes, I wish we had acquired Riya. Oh, Riya a Riya!