Good moods increase your thinking ability, study says

Cognitive Daily reports on Mood and Memory. They write:

“Do you ever wonder if your mood affects the way you think? I’m not talking about behaving more aggressively when you’re angry or more passively when you’re sad; I’m talking about the subtler impact on cognitive processing. Some recent research has indicated that we process things differently depending on whether we’re in a positive or negative mood. People in good moods tend to make more connections between related items, while people in bad moods generally focus on what’s in front of them.

Thanks to Kevin Larson for sending me this. Kevin works on our Cleartype team and has been doing his own research into how aesthetics effect problem-solving capabilities.

Clogger warns me against fame

I just got done with my keynote here at IT@Cork. It’s interesting, the audience here only had 1% RSS users. Quite different from the other audiences I’ve spoken to (which have been more than 50% RSS users).

It’ll be interesting to see what the reactions are. One question I got was telling “how does Microsoft control your message?”

Let go of the idea that you’re gonna control anything anymore. I told them how anyone in the world can write about how their Xbox is crashing. Any idea that you can control what people are saying about you or your company is totally out the window. The only choice you have now is whether or not to join in the conversation.

Here’s some conversations about me. Clogger warns me against too much transparency in my personal life: “For a fully-fledged ‘celeb’, there’s WAY too much info on his private life out there.”

Bernie Goldbach brought 10 PR students to IT@Cork and is asking them what they think of me. It’ll be interesting to see what Bernie reports.

The conference is interesting so far. I’ll report more later.

Oh, and Clogger, you have it all wrong. The downsides of being well known aren’t having some weirdo stalker. It’s the email! 336 emails unanswered and a folder of stuff I want to blog about. Memeorandum is popping with new product announcements from Yahoo and from Microsoft.