CES hotel rooms needed…

Whew, harder to find than an Xbox, an iPod, or a Nikon D200 is a decently priced hotel room in Las Vegas during CES week. Anyone know of any deals? Cheapest I could find on a cursory search is New York New York for $349 per night. For Vegas! Damn, that reminds me of Comdex week.

EU Vice-President tells tech companies to remember its corporate responsibility

Interesting blog from the European Commission’s Vice-President. She calls on Microsoft (and Yahoo and Google) to behave better in dealings in China and not sell human rights down the tube. I’m with her, but think it’s a much more complicated issue than she’s letting on (as I’ve said before, in posts that got me quite a bit of negative feedback and also were quoted in the Wall Street Journal). When I was at the Global Voices conference I had some interesting discussions about the issue with Sharon Hom, executive director of the Human Rights in China organization. Someday I’d love to do a podcast with her, she was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met — she gave me a lot of feedback about how difficult the position is over there and how to work toward getting China’s citizens the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States.

New Local.Live Maps and Directions Rock

Have you checked out the new photography and new maps we’ve used on Windows Live Local?  But, even better are the turn-by-turn directions. Huh? Here, check out how to get from the Google Offices in Kirkland to Microsoft’s Headquarters in Redmond. Click on each direction (the ones that say “Turn RIGHT…”). It’ll take you to that turn on the photo so you can get a sense of which way the directions take you and what it looks like. I’ve used that several times already and it’s cool and helps you to see that the system actually picked the best route for you.

New Windows Vista CTP coming soon

ActiveWin has news on the latest Windows Vista Build 5270 that’s coming soon. I’m using it here but would like to hear your feedback (if you have access) rather than try to color what your perceptions will be. Community places I’ll be watching for reactions?

Channel 9.
Beta News.
OS News.

And of course the blogs (search for “Windows Vista” on PubSub, Feedster, Technorati).

Paul Thurrott is promising an “exhaustive review” sometime tomorrow on his SuperSite for Windows.