New “teamX” development methodology

Oh, now I get why Jeff Sandquist got his new Xbox and invited us over for pizza. He’s trying out a new team development methodology. See, along with me and my son he also invited Adam Kinney and Erik Porter over. They are two developers on the and Channel 9. I didn’t realize they were working tonight at first, but here’s how I caught on.

They would switch off playing games. Erik would jump on the Xbox, play a couple of games, then hand the controller to Adam, who would play a couple of more. I was distracted with my new phone, so didn’t see that while these two weren’t on the Xbox they were jumping on a laptop on Jeff’s kitchen table (here’s a picture of Erik coding away). Eventually I noticed this pattern and asked them what was up. Oh, and I noticed that Visual Studio was on the screen with source code.

Turns out they were fixing bugs in the site. The Xbox game was reward for knocking out a bug in the code.

Somewhere, someone should be studying whether the Xbox actually helps productivity of coders. Hey, it’s an interesting theory. Either way, the bugs got fixed and the development team seems happier than usual.

Jeff calls it the “frag-ile” development methodology. Heheh. I call it innovative program management.

Oh, and don’t miss the Gadgets site — there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening over there. The Microsoft Gadgets site is the first Microsoft site to feature user tagging. Also, the growth in that community is quite rapid. Lots of new gadgets have been added by non-Microsoft developers in the past couple of weeks.