Dave Winer working on new RSS aggregator?

Looks like Dave Winer is working on a new aggregator. This is cool because his style of “river of news” aggregators is far more appropriate than the “folder by folder” or “3-pane” approach that I’m using currently. Why? The folder-by-folder approach requires you to be pretty anal about reading all your feeds and makes you mentally tired if you fall behind. Sorta like email. It’s to the point sometimes that I dread opening up Outlook.

But a river of news approach is more discardable, sorta like a daily newspaper. Does anyone get itchy if they don’t read every last story in a newspaper? No! You read what you have time for, which is why there’s an editor who decides what the most important story of the day is, and why journalists are trained to write in reverse-pyramid style (the important facts of the story are always at the beginning).

Dave should be at the geek dinner tomorrow night so maybe we’ll learn more there.

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