Noah’s guide to the Internet

Since there are a few people who started blogs since my talk at Engelbart’s house yesterday (great writeup on that is here, by the way, thanks to Eileen Clegg and Jeff Saperstein) this is very timely: Noah Kagan has a 2006 Guide to the Internet. Noah says this is the “essential list of sites you need to know to become hip with Web 2.0 or throw down impressive sites at geek parties.

I appreciate being on that list, but think it’s missing a few. I can’t live without a good blog search engine. Choose between Technorati, Feedster, Pubsub, Icerocket, or Google’s blog search (right now I like Technorati better, but that changes daily). I also would put Memeorandum on this list (there are two Memeorandums, one for tech news, and one for politics/current event news — they change every few minutes.

Funny story my son told yesterday. I asked him during our discussion “why did you pick Blogger?” He said “I was bored one day so searched on Google for ‘how do you start a blog?’ The first link was to blogger.”

But, what he said next showed a great deal of astuteness: “of course Blogger is first cause Google owns Blogger.” That shows the power that being the top link on Google has.

Anyway when people ask me: How do you start a blog? I answer: My wife says she recommends MSN Spaces when people ask her how to blog. Why? Cause it makes it harder to comment so she finds she doesn’t get as many negative comments as I do.

Oh, Eileen, I never owned a camera store. I helped run the camera section of LZ Premiums in the 1980s and early 1990s.

But, back to the topic: what sites do you think deserve to be on a “guide to the Internet?”

Oh, several people lately have been asking me about RSS. I like the BBC’s “what is RSS?” page for that answer.