Daily Archives: January 4, 2006

Here at CES

Ahh, those hour-long taxi lines are so fun! And that was at midnight last night. Yikes! I’m sitting with Robert Mclaws at the Wynn in a suite, though, so life is getting better. He’s writing about his experiences at CES. We were just talking about what we think the trends will be. Cell phones are hot. I’ve already seen a couple of new ones. Robert agrees that this is the year of HDTV. I’m sure we’ll see some new screens and stuff that’ll be announced at tonight’s Bill Gates’ keynote (which will be streamed live).

Some tips if you’re coming to CES: 1) Try to find a porter when you get to the airport. They can get you to the front of the taxi line my taxi driver told me today. 2) If you’re a blogger and wanna come up to the blogger suite at the Wynn, send me email with your URL and I’ll get you an invite.

Cool Google logo

If you visit Google.com today you’ll see a braille logo. Why’s that? Well, Louis Braille was born January 4, 1809.

I’m sitting here with a few bloggers — they all think that’s cool. Me too! And why do I think something our competitor is doing is cool? Cause it’s cool and I’d like to do better on our products. I have some ideas that I’m passing along.