Jason says “blog for us and make money”

And who’s to argue with his claim? Jason Calacanis made money from blogging (sold his blogging network to AOL for $25 million). When I saw Peter Rojas, the guy who writes Engadget (part of Calacanis’ network), I asked him “did you ever think you could make a million by blogging?” He said “no.” And then smiled.

Is there value in content? Ask Howard Stern. He made a lot more than a million from his mouth. A whole lot more.

Don’t know who Jason Calacanis is? Check out the Wired Magazine that Maryam is holding (we went to the local Barnes and Noble to see if our book was on display yet, it wasn’t).

Last night we were walking around downtown Campbell in Silicon valley and saw this Porsche sitting in a window with a bow on it (it’s FAR beyond my financial reach although Maryam and I both dreamed a bit of going in and buying it). Only in Silicon Valley! Heheh.