Disclosure Time

Various companies are now offering me a chance to try out their equipment. In the past week I’ve received:

1) Lenovo X41 Tablet PC. I lent that to Jeff Sandquist so that he could try it out since he’s looking for a new Tablet PC.
2) OQO Tablet PC edition. I wish I could afford one of these. It is so cool to use this in the plane. Gets lots of looks since it’s so tiny.

I hear that Nokia is sending me a cell phone — the 90 (very brave of them) so that I can try that out. I also hear that Motion has a Tablet on its way to me. And I picked up various things at CES.

Does getting free stuff change my opinions? Of course! For one, I now have real-world experiences with these products.

Am I less likely to say something bad about them? Probably. If I can’t say something nice I probably won’t say anything at all.

But, I don’t like it when writers don’t disclose that they get stuff for free and I later find out about it. It feels dirty.