While I was flying…

The Internet Explorer team released a new version which includes our new RSS platform. We posted a new video with the team up on Channel 9 (and that links to all the important stuff). Thanks Charles Torre for getting this up. Dave Winer promptly posted his thoughts. We were promptly Slashdotted.

In other news…

Rebecca McKinnon notes that we have a new privacy policy to deal with government organizations who want us to do things. Great first step! Now, start a blog and be transparent. Let us know EVERYTHING that comes in as a request to see data, whether we think it’s important or not. Great job Rebecca on reporting this and keeping our feet held to the fire, thanks!

TDavid reacts to my request for bloggers to make it easier to deal with them in email. Says that he doesn’t like email. Oh, neither do I, neither do I, but sometimes there are times when I need to get ahold of you privately and not in chat rooms or blog comments (and not via Skype or MSN Messenger either). What else is left? Email.

Oh, Marc Canter, you’re so funny! All I have to do is snap my fingers, huh? Truth is I’d jump if Marc told me to too. We’re all jumpy. I see that JD, over on Marc’s blog, left a comment about audience participation via little clickers. Oh, the first time I saw that done was at CNET’s Builder.com Live conference. Not sure who came up with that idea, but Dan Shafer, the guy who ran that conference liked those. Anytime someone got too commercial you’d hear tons of little clicks. It was even funnier if the speaker wasn’t in on the feedback mechanism. Then it turned into a game. Click. Click. Click. Click. 🙂

I’m in NJ right now, leaving to fly to Geneva soon.