Going skiing today…

I’m going skiing today with the folks who planned the Lift conference (which was a lot of fun). Ellen Wallace said some nice things about my talk on her blog. I appreciate that. I probably won’t post much between now and Tuesday. I’ll be skiing today and tomorrow and not sure I’ll have access to the Internet (Laurent is kidnapping me and taking me to some chalet in the alps). On Monday I’ll be traveling back to Seattle most of the day.

Some real quick things. Toronto will get naked on March 6 (er, my coauthor is having a blogger dinner there).

One person I wanted to call out that I met this week is Steph Booth. She’s a seventh-grade teacher in Switzerland. Really cool person and opened my eyes to a lot of the European blogging community.  She also taught me a lesson. Don’t get drunk with a model and let people take pictures! Yes, I’m gonna make you look for the good photos. Let’s just say that Thursday night was a little too much fun! She taught us how to do “ghost photography” too. It’s a wild world I’m in. Goof around, get Flickr’ed, and now everyone knows I played jedi with Hugh Macleod.

Transparency, is it a good thing when you’re partying? Hmmm.