Daily Archives: February 5, 2006

Superbowl in Geneva

Hey, we’re having a Superbowl party in Geneva. This is a new experience for me. It’s my first Superbowl outside the United States. Oh, all the commentary is in French. That’ll be a hoot. I had no idea they broadcast this overseas in French. I hear we’ll miss all the advertisements, though. That’s OK cause they are on the Internet anyway. We’re at Laurent’s friend’s house.

While we’re watching I’m going to add stuff to my Del.icio.us feed. I just finished reading all my feeds (it takes a while cause I don’t read the feeds every night anymore). I’ll let you know when I have a bunch up.

Update: Seattle strikes first. Bummer about the flag, but it’s nice to get on the scoreboard first. French word for flag? drapeau.

Presentation Zen says “just talk to me”

This is an honor. Presentation Zen, er, Garr Reynolds, gives the good and bad of corporate presentations he’s seen and then gives me a compliment (while teaching us how to do better business presentations). I’m gonna pay him a compliment back: his blog is the best for those of us who need to give presentations. I wish more Microsoft employees would read it. I love the Darth Vader “evil” PowerPoint slide, too. You’ll notice that my slides don’t look like that. :-)

Book publisher blogs impress

You might have remembered that we forced our publisher to start a blog before we’d sign the contract to do Naked Conversations with Wiley. The resulting blog by Joe Wikert has been most impressive over the past year. I saw he linked to Juliana Aldous at Microsoft. She gave me a lot of advice before I started working on the book and I don’t know how I missed her blog for so long. It’s good too. What do these blogs do? They give you a place to start a relationship as an author. Get tips. Learn about how they see the industry. And, if you have an idea for a book you now have two people to talk with.

Any other great book publishers blogging out there? Here’s another one: Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. How about Tim O’Reilly? Gary Cornell of APress? Who is your favorite book publishing blogger?