Daily Archives: February 6, 2006

EVDO’ing in NJ

Hello from Newark. I had 10 minutes to check my email and make a quick post. In the “pre-EVDO” days I wouldn’t have even bothered to sign in and do this. Why? Cause most airports charge $7 or more just to sign on with Wifi. But now I just slam my new Cingular Aircard into my Tablet PC, sign on, and post away.

While doing that I see that Steve Gillmor wrote a long post about what EVDO means to the world. He repeated his “Office is dead” thing. Steve, you’re still nuts! :-)
Gotta run, they are boarding. Might have more to say later. I have a lot to say but I think I’ll just sit down with Gillmor and show him Office 12. Almost everyone I’ve shown it to is very excited by it. Sorry, you can’t do pivot tables on any Web 2.0 service that I’ve seen so far. And, even though 30 boxes shipped today into beta I still like Outlook’s calendar better. Why? Well, my plane doesn’t have Wifi and doesn’t have EVDO. Not to mention that there’s a network effect from having all my coworkers on Outlook/Exchange.
It’s amazing that being offline for 10 hours means that Memeorandum (still my favorite Memetracker, even though there’ve been a ton of new competitors to come along lately) almost wholly changes. Nice “state of the blogosphere” report from Dave Sifry is now on top. I wonder what’ll be on top when I get to Seattle?

Back to Gillmor, I like your gesture idea. I want ways to deal with even more news flow. My River of News backs up and I want to get 10x the flow I’m getting now (of news items going past my gate).