Daily Archives: February 7, 2006

Another CommentTracker released last week

Did you hear that MyComments was released last week? Nope? Weird. Zoli Erdos did some digging and learned more and gave one theory about why we all heard about CoComment, but not MyComment (they both do similar things, let you track comments that you make on other people’s blogs). Of course today I learned that CoComment now works on Flickr comments. How did I learn that? In the comment area of my Flickr photo that I shot on Saturday.

Atariboy is WordPress’ hot blog today

Atariboy kicked me off of WordPress.com’s “Hot blogs #1″ spot (I’ve been pretty consistently at the top spot ever since I switched to WordPress). I started reading him and he has a cool tech blog. Subscribed! Oh, how do you get into the #1 spot? Get onto the front page of Digg twice in two days. That’s what Atariboy did. But, doing that isn’t easy. You gotta have interesting content. But, just proves that you can come out of nowhere to become #1 in this blogging world.

Naked draws stares?

After church Justin Thorp took our book to a bakery to sit down and read and he reports getting some weird stares “It is amazing some of the weird looks that you get when your in public reading a book that says Naked Conversations on it.”

Dennis Rice says he was suprised, not by the title, but by the writing inside. He was expecting the slop I dish out daily here on the blog. “Its a great effort gentlemen, and one well worth reading.”

Oh, oh, even David Swanner likes it and he’s a lawyer!

Even worse, it’s required reading in this Delaware classroom.

Brent Nordquist wrote something that looks like a review of our book, but that he says is NOT a review. “My suggestion would be to purchase the book even if you already blog. But once you’re finished, take the book and hand it to someone at your company who could really benefit from it.”

We like that advice! :-)

If you review our book, be sure that we’re reading your blogged reviews. In fact, here’s something fun to do. Write the words “Naked Conversations” on your blog and your post will show up on this page on Technorati. Or, even better, link to our book’s blog, and you’ll show up on this page on Technorati.

Did you know you can do that for any blog or topic? (Yeah, you A-listers can sit down now.) That’s the way you can track how many people talk about you, or link to you.

I’m bummed I’m not at Demo

Lots of my friends are at Demo this week but I’m not, which bums me out. I had to make a choice: go skiing in the Alps or go to Demo. I decided skiing in the Alps would be more fun, so I made my choice and now I have to live with the consequences. Hint: I made the right choice. ;-)

But, I have been watching the reports from Demo and anytime one of my friends there shows up on IM or email I ask them “what’s the coolest thing you saw today?”

So far everyone has been answering Riya, including PCWorld’s Harry McCracken.

One other thought I have about Demo is just how much stuff is coming out of the industry. If you have dozens of things coming at you to try, how do you try even more than a couple?

Getting adoption in this market is going to be very tough.

Update: Shel Israel and team at Conferenza are blogging the event. Tara Hunt is blogging too. Podtech.net is doing the official podcast from Demo. The Demo conference has a list of bloggers who are reporting from there. And, of course, TechCrunch is there.
Who is doing the best Demo blogging? And, what are you going to try because of the reports coming out of Demo?

The emotional side of Microsoft

You never knew we had an emotional side, huh? Well, we do and Jenny Lam is it.

She’s one of the most talented designers in the software industry and has already built lots of stuff you see from Microsoft. We recently had a conversation about designing experiences. Yes, we even talk about Apple. And branding. And the round start button in Windows Vista. And how geeks and designers work together to create software. Oh, all that emotional stuff that goes into what you feel when you use a product of ours.

She lists off the tools she uses. Hey, Adobe bloggers, you’ll like what you hear!

Can one person have an impact on the world? Jenny does and you will only need to look at the start button in Windows Vista to see how.