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Blog networks changing history?

Hmmm, I find this trend very troubling too (we were talking about it at Northern Voice yesterday). Seems that if you can get 20 bloggers together into a network you can lock out all others. Here’s an example.

Even more troubling? Are the search engine optimization companies that are hiring bands of bloggers to link to certain things so they get better Google Juice (higher relevancy on Google). They do this without reporting that they are doing this.

Even more troubling? I keep seeing my posts reposted all over the place on other blogs without attribution. Often on blogs that are trying to make a little money from Google advertising and/or are mixing my content in with links to their own sites to try to spam Google and MSN and Yahoo’s search engines into thinking their pages are more important than they really are.

The blogosphere is being used and we still haven’t figured it out yet.

By the way, this blog post was published by Robert Scoble on 2/11/2006 and the only place it should appear is at http://scobleizer.wordpress.com — if you are reading this post on some other URL, you aren’t reading the original source.

Surprise: Slashdot misrepresents facts

Quote, off of front page of Slashdot: “While integrated graphics seem to handle Windows XP and 2000 just fine, they won’t be able to handle Vista’s 3D ‘Aero Glass’ compositor, which will prevent roughly half of all PCs from running Microsoft’s new OS.”

What’s the problem?

That’s totally bulls**t.

I use Vista on a machine (a Toshiba Tablet M205) that can’t display Glass and Vista runs just fine, thank you very much!
Geez, what do we have to do to get some accuracy in reporting here?

Google domains going after Outlook? MSN did that months ago…

What’s funny with this headline that I see over on Memeorandum is that MSN has been doing pretty much the exact same thing for months now (and has not one, but more than 20 colleges/universities signed up according to Adam Sohn, director of PR guy for MSN). Why didn’t anyone write a headline like “MSN goes after Outlook?” Hmmmm? A little Google love going on in the blogosphere? What’s behind that love?

Oh, maybe we should talk about blogger ethics again? Remember those Google ads on Paul’s blog? How do we know they haven’t colored his judgment? Some of my blogging friends make more money off of Google ads than I am paid by Microsoft (you’ll note that lots of people in my comment regularly question my ability to report honestly about things Microsoft related, why don’t these same people raise heck when employees of Google — and that’s what you are when you put a Google ad on your blog — give Google better PR than it deserves?). I notice that the press loves to go into a tizzy everytime a company sends out a free product, or takes bloggers on a free trip, or signs them up for a director or advisory role. Why isn’t anyone looking into the effect of on-blog advertising on our belief systems and reporting quality?

Here’s a question: if Microsoft had announced that, wouldn’t everyone have also reported on what every other company in the marketplace is doing without just reprinting the Microsoft press release? (Every single blogger on that Memeorandum entry is sponsored by Google ads. Except one, which is the official Google blog.)

I wonder how many other ideas we have that Google will get credit for?

And, please go back through my postings for the past few years. I’ve given Google kudo after kudo. For instance, their new desktop is quite nice. But I’m seeing a trend here and it’s quite worrying. I’d expect bloggers not to just reprint my press releases either!

Update: now this entry is at the top of Memeorandum, which is very weird.

Oh, and if you wanted a potential Outlook killer, don’t look at the domains. Look at Morfik. It lets you put Gmail on a thumb drive. Damn, why does a Microsoft guy have to tell you the real story with one of our competitors? ;-)

Northern Voice, enthusiasts in charge

I like Northern Voice. Why? Cause the enthusiasts are in charge. The photo session I attended was very interesting because it was led by a guy who loves photography. Same for the session on podcasting that I attended.

So, when I introduced Windows Vista, I didn’t bring a script. I didn’t check with the marketing department on the “talking points” that I should cover. What did I do? I invited Chris Pirillo to come and have a conversation with me about Windows Vista. At the end I had several requests for betas, and lots of compliments.

Mack Male has the best list of stuff we showed that I’ve seen so far and ends with: “Vista looks awesome.” Whew, I get to keep my job for another week. :-)

There’s some good reports on the Moosecamp that happened yesterday on Technorati’s tag for moosecamp. More on the northernvoice tag and/or the Northern Voice tag. Hey, there’s too many tags! Shows one problem with folksonomies (we don’t all just pick the same tag to describe one event).