Daily Archives: February 13, 2006

The brrreeeport report

OK, it’s been a little more than two hours since I asked people to put “brrreeeport” on their blogs to “mess with the man” and build a new kind of directory. So, in that time I went out for sushi with Jeff Julian and John Alexander, co-founders of Geeks with Blogs. Great guys and we had a good time catching up on the blogging world. Anyway, while I was out a bunch of people posted. Have you figured out what I was up to yet?

Why, of course! It was an opportunity for me to try the blog search engines out!

So, here’s the brrreeeport report. You can participate. Just add the word “brrreeeport” to your blog. Or, even better, do that and then give it a tag too. So, anyway, it’s 7:57 p.m. Pacific Time so let’s look at what the search engines have found so far.

Google’s Blog Search has found nine blogs so far.
IceRocket has found none.
Feedster has found none.
Technorati finds five blogs so far. But only one blog (mine) has tagged itself with brrreeeport.
UPDATE: Technorati now finds 11 blogs at 8:36 p.m. (while Google still only finds nine).
UPDATE 2: Technorati finds 39 posts, same as Google’s blog search at 11:09 p.m.

None of the big three’s main search engines have found any so far.

And that’s the latest from brrreeeport! :-)

Technorati adds authority weighting

Technorati just turned on a new feature: if you are searching Technorati, for, say “Technology” blogs you get a choice: you can see them all, or you can see the ones that have a lot of “authority” in that space. I didn’t see that feature over the weekend, so I think Dave Sifry and crew just turned that on (look for a slider at the top of the results — click it to change the kind of result you get back). I’m not sure how useful it is, but if you search on a general term like, say, “photography” it does seem to bring back results with less noise. But, maybe you want more noise. Well, it’s up to you now! You’re the gatekeeper! I’ll play more with it later. What do you think?

Update: it sure gets rid of a lot of noise on my ego search. Oh, my ego feels good now! :-)

BlogCode helps you find blogs similar to…

Ever find a blogger you really like and wonder “are there other blogs similar to this one?” Well, that’s what BlogCode is trying to do. Mine will be indexed shortly (I filled out a short “code” about my blog and at the end of it I learned that Matt Cutts of Google is similar to me. I already subscribe to Matt, but that does demonstrate that this is a good way to find out if there’s other bloggers who are similar to your interests).

Oh, and Matt, if you ever wanna sneak onto Microsoft’s campus (it’s just half a mile from Google’s in Mountain View) let me know. Our cafeteria isn’t as hip, but I’ll buy you lunch and show you around. Why did I say that? Well, he took photos of Ask Jeeves’ corporate offices today and wondered if he could get access to other Silicon Valley offices for his picture-taking exploits. After all, Google let me onto its campus with my camcorder a while back so turnaround is fair play!

Update: the list of blogs that are similar to mine is up now. Neat, some cool new blogs that I didn’t know about!

Oh, while we’re talking about blogs similar to mine, I see there was a dustup over on Doc Searls blog (and others) about the fact that the Z list is being kept out of the kingdom by the A list bloggers. I guess by linking to Doc’s blog I’m a gatekeeper and I’m just working to keep the Z list down. Hey, it’s a conspiracy. If we only link to each other you’ll never be able to find any new voices, right?

Here, let’s play a game. Everyone in the world say “brrreeeport” on your blog and you’ll be listed on this Technorati page automatically. Heh. There are also no pages on the Internet linked to for that term on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

So, now you too can take down the man! Get your due! Get around the gatekeepers. Tell all those A list bloggers to screw off and die! Heheh. Or, you can let me own that term all bymyself! Heheh.