Daily Archives: February 13, 2006

Popular bloggers delete comments?

Richard Brownell says that popular blogger John Dvorak is deleting comments (and theorizes it’s cause the comments that John simply didn’t like them). Hey, he’s not the only one doing that. I’ve seen lots of bloggers delete comments.

I don’t.

At least not manually. My spam filter occassionally catches a few that I don’t get to. Sorry about that. Nothing personal, you understand.

One thing, since I use CoComment I notice that when someone deletes my comments they stick around in the CoComment service. It would be interesting to start “outting” people who delete comments and show which ones they deleted.

Microsoft acquires MotionBridge

Nice to see Microsoft acquiring MotionBridge. At Northern Voice I asked our “geeking out” audience who was reading blogs regularly on cell phones and several hands went up. That’s a change over last year and one I expect to see accelerate this year. So, buying a search engine aimed at mobile Internet users makes a lot of sense. This takes us from being out of the running on cell phone search┬áto a leading position.

I hear Microsoft’s mergers and acquisitions department is much more focused and enabled than in the past and that it’s looking for good companies to acquire. I’m cheering them on! Congrats to the team who got this done.

Megite working on personal memetracker

The folks over at Megite (who are doing a memetracker along the lines of Memeorandum, or TailRank) are working on a personizable memetracker. Here they took my OPML file, fed it into their system, and out comes a special edition of Megite using just my reading sources. Compare this to Memeorandum/Tech or TailRank today and you’ll see it’s more Microsoft-centric and more developer-centric than Memeorandum is.