Daily Archives: February 14, 2006

On plane today: testing offline blog editors

I already have the new Qumana offline blog editor (they came out with a new beta over the weekend and it looks very nice) but, since I’m leaving this afternoon to go to Colorado, I was wondering which blog editors you all are using? I’m on Windows, but go ahead and tell us about Mac ones too since my son is using a Mac with WordPress. Which ones should I try?

Office Live released to micro businesses

So, I hung out with the Office Live team last week and got the skinny. Office Live isn’t what you think it is. It wasn’t what I thought it was (I was thinking it’d be an internet version of the Office Suite like PowerPoint, Excel, Word). It’s not. Get that out of your mind. And damn the marketers who are extending the Office brand. We love brand extension here, but that’s another debate for another day.

So, what is Office Live? It’s aimed at very small businesses. Think of my prototypical small-town plumber. Maybe has three employees. But needs a Web site that he or she can edit. Some email addresses. And a few other services to help run their business (place to keep documents online which will be backed up automatically).

That’s pretty much what it is. The LiveSide blog has more.