51 thoughts on “BillG is on Channel 9

  1. Your have opinions on everything, some of which, as you point out, are on products that aren’t even real yet. How could you have possibly used them? At best, you’ve touched a couple smartphones, browsed a couple sites, installed some software. On that basis, you come here and blast away with an undiscerning shotgun.

    The problem is that somehow you see yourself as taking the abuse. Look around. Until a few people stood up to you on Scoble’s behalf in this thread, no one (not even Scoble) responds to most of your rantings. I’m generally a lurker on most of the blogs I frequent, but your inflammatory remarks finally motivated me to post a response.

    The truth is that you’re the one abusing Scoble. The worst you can accuse Scoble of is irrational exuberance. Fine, but he’s an evangelist; if he wasn’t like that, he wouldn’t be doing his job. You, on the other hand, are just being (pardon my french) a prick. You do the very same things you accuse Scoble of (using a company press release as fact because some random news outlet “vetted” it? please…..) and worse, yet you feel that your lone crusade is somehow justified. Any dissenting opinions are just brushed aside with a derisive snort.

    I’m not even sure how you get the idea that “seemingly half of Microsoft, privately edges me on”. That’s megalomania of the highest sort. Do they send psychic “encouragement” waves saying “Go, Chris, go”? While I agree that MS (much as I hate to say it) is a company that can vent in public, methinks you presume too much of their support. I doubt 100 MS employees even know who you are, let alone care.

    Directions on Microsoft is a strategic research firm. I thought you didn’t believe in those? Or do you only believe the ones that re-affirm your formed opinions? As for Mary Jo Foley, while her editorials are occasionally insightful, they are more often based on hearsay, innuendo and straight out speculation. Hardly the gold standard I’d hold to.

    Still, I’ll give you credit, this is probably one of your more reasonable posts. I could actually detect an even keeled tone in your response. Perhaps the Ann Coulter in you is dissapating?

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