Travel day

We’re about to leave Colorado’s ski country for Silicon Valley, where Michael Arrington is putting final preparations together for tonight’s massive Tech Crunch/Naked Conversations launch party. I have no idea how we’ll fit so many people into his house, but it should be fun either way! Unfortunately there’s a chance of rain tonight and it looks like it’ll be pretty cold (we have a tent and heaters, but it still will make tonight’s party very crowded — sorry we can’t let anyone else into the party, we’re WAY overbooked as it is).

Just one last note about skiing. What a fantastic day yesterday. Blue skies and powder. Thank you so much to the teams from Copper Mountain Resort, Keystone, and the Colorado Ski Country (yes, they paid our way, so earned those links, but they didn’t do anything for us that they don’t do for other travel-oriented journalists and, anyway, they can’t fake a good experience). The room they put us up in is stunning. I’m looking over the mountain right now, sad that we have to leave. My friends have always said that Colorado has the best skiing and I’m now sold.

One knock against Copper, though. They charge for the wifi here. So, I pulled out my Cingular Edge card and connected that way. It’s my goal never to pay for wifi again. Look at it this way. If I wanted to connect to the Internet today via Wifi, I’d need to pay $10 here. $7 at the Denver airport (or was it $10? I forget). And another $7 at Oakland. And that’s if I could find a wifi connection at the gates we’ll be hanging out in. Instead, I pay $80 a month and am on anytime.

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