Daily Archives: February 18, 2006

Oh, Hugh…

I’ve been blogging for more than five years now and the “blogging is a fad” meme is one that consistently is reborn every five months. What I find interesting is why we so consistently link and talk about every “blogging is a fad” article that comes along. Yeah, Hugh, I’m talking about you.

Of course, there’s another meme that is just as consistent in terms of getting links: saying something outrageous about Apple. Just watch the links come in. Here, I won’t even link to it and I bet someone posts in my comments precisely who I’m thinking of. :-)

I’m returning my Cingular card

I’m sitting in the Santa Clara Hilton Bar with Rick Segal and doing some comparisons of speeds on our various wireless cards. The Cingular one doesn’t even compare to the Verizon one. I didn’t realize just how big a difference in speed it is, but it’s dramatic. I’m returning my card today and gonna get a Verizon EVDO card. Also the Verizon card is far better designed (the Cingular card has a tiny little antenna). Luckily Cingular has a 30 day return policy.

Getting Naked in Silicon Valley

At about 1 a.m. this morning I was sitting on Michael Arrington’s couch talking with the few people who were left over. Topic of conversation: “is this a bubble?”

Yes. Next question.

What kind of bubble is it?

Not an economic one. No one’s marketing budget was harmed in the creation of this event.

A hype one? Of course! But, then, it’s easy to get hype on a Saturday on a slow news week (the party is at the top of Memeorandum).

A photo bubble? Of course! Scott Beale has a bunch. Dave McClure has a show. Alex Moskalyuk; Dan Farber (good ones!); Renee Blodget (best captions I’ve seen so far); Jeremiah Owyang; On Flickr: techcrunch; techcrunch5; robertscoble; nakedconversations.
How about a social bubble? Well, you just gotta read Rick Segal’s Valley Observations to see that it was. Or check out all the blogging over on Michael Arrington’s post.

Is it a wine bubble? Yes! Jeff Clavier, wine snob (and VC), has the details. Thank you to Stormhoek for sending us the wine, and thank you to all the sponsors. By the way, Stormhoek is looking to sponsor 100 dinners, so you can get some wine for your own dinner!
Was it a salacious bubble? Well, when Valley Wag (the new geek’s tabloid screed)’s Nick Douglas came over I said “here’s something for Valleywag, I sleep with Maryam” and promptly planted a kiss on her (photo captured by Technorati’s David Sifry). It was one of the best kisses Maryam’s given me so far this year.

But, really, I met so many people I look up to. Jeffrey Veen, for instance, just sold his company to Google and dropped by our table. So did Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse, among other things. Dave Winer.

Yes, Rafe Needleman, it is a sweet and rather innocent little bubble!

In case you didn’t get enough of us yet, Brian Oberkirch interviewed us this morning for his podcast.

Whew! Can I sleep yet? Nope, Maryam, Patrick, and Rick Segal are going to see Pink Panther, no matter what the reviews say.

I can’t thank everyone who made this possible, so won’t try. But thank you to everyone who came and make the evening a memeorable experience!

Oh, and to Michael Arrington, wow, I can’t repay you. We appreciate what you’ve done! It was really great meeting your dad. Speaking of dad’s, it was great to have my dad come to this party (and my son too!).
PS: regarding the “no pride” photo (those are Dave Winer’s words) here’s the backstory: Narenda Rocherolle was shooting a video for RocketBoom. Well, when RocketBoom asks you to take off your shirt, you do! At least I do. Heck, it was that kind of party, might as well give people something to talk about!

To the more than 100 people who bought a copy of our book last night, please do go to Amazon and write a little review! Yes, even if you don’t like it! After all, we wouldn’t want to be accused of starting a bubble now, would we? ;-)