Daily Archives: February 20, 2006

PivotTable this video

Steve Gillmor calls Office 2007 “Office Dead.” Oh, yeah Steve? Take this video of Excel 2007′s business intelligence features, er PivotTables, and stick it into your browser. Excel 2007 does stuff in minutes that used to take hours to do. You know, for a “dead” product I sure am having fun using all these “dead” new features! And I hear this video only shows a small fraction of what is great about Office 2007.

The Clueless will rule the world, Kathy says

Kathy Sierra posts the Clueless Manifesto.

My son lives about four blocks from the movie theater that inspired her post (er, the seven girls who pushed for it). Here’s the Minnesota Public Radio story. You’ll need Real Networks to listen.

More about the “Superb Seven” who got the theater done: American Profile. SF Gate. Roberts David films is making a movie about the seven. It indeed is an inspiring story. I drive by this theater every few weeks to pick up my son. I had no idea.

So, now when one of you says “Scoble’s clueless” I’ll take it as praise! :-)

What great role models Patrick has in Petaluma.

Update: Patrick just told me one of his friends’ sister is one of the seven girls.

Penny Arcade wonders why Halo is only on Vista

Penny Arcade’s Tycho is incensed that Halo 2 will only be available on Windows Vista. Thinks it’s just a marketing decision. It might be, but there certainly are some sizeable technical reasons too. At Northern Voice I showed a Channel 9 video that’ll come out soon that shows just how many multimedia improvements have been made in Windows Vista.

In the video the audio team shows that Windows XP’s audio won’t play very well (sometimes not at all) if you start applying stress to CPU’s. On Windows Vista the audio and video continue playing just fine with the same level of stress (on the same hardware). It’s a dramatic example of how much better multimedia will be on Windows Vista.

How Christopher Coulter reads my blog

If you hang around in my comments you know that Christopher Coulter rarely has anything nice to say about what I write. So, this post is in his honor. If you hate my blog, visit NetDisaster and mess with it back! Here, let me take you there. Here’s my blog and now you can spray graffitti on top of it. Loads of fun! (It gets worse from there, you can do a variety of different kinds of blog defacing there).

Have fun Christopher! :-)

Back in the office, more events to come

You know, most of my life I’ve looked forward to the traveling lifestyle. It’s always fun to go and see new things. But it’s exhausting. It’s so nice to be back in my office.

Not so nice is my email. Whew. And my tasks. Double whew.

But, I shouldn’t complain. While I was off skiing last week my coworkers were working nearly around the clock finishing off something cool that you’ll see soon.

I’m not allowed to tell you what is up, but let’s just say that it’s the offspring of what happened here when Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom kissed the Nine Guy. :-)

I do work with some people who just impress the hell out of me. Jeff Sandquist didn’t get the credit he was due for Channel 9 (at least not in our book) but he’s one of those people at Microsoft I’d go to if I wanted to get something done. And, I’m not just kissing up cause he’s my boss. You’ll all see again soon.

Anyway, there’s a lot of things going on. Tons of conferences and geek events are coming through my inbox.

Like what?

Well, Gaurav Bhatnagar reports that there’ll be a Barcamp in New Delhi, India. That should be well attended! I found a few new Indian tech bloggers linked off of that.

The Podcast Hotel is this week in Seattle. Maryam and I are gonna try to get there.

The Blogger Cruise, in October, going from Florida to Cozumel is gonna be one of the experiences of the year. They can’t take that many people, so don’t miss that!

Microsoft is hosting a Small Business Summit on March 14-17 in Bellevue (it’ll be Webcast too).

Next week I’ll be speaking at the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto. Lots of interesting speakers in the PR, marketing, blog worlds. I’ll also be speaking in New York at the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo. Whew.

The Blog Business Summit is going to Los Angeles on March 16 for a seminar on the essentials of business blogging.

And of course in March there’s SXSW, Emerging Tech, and Mix06.

Lest we forget that Mashup Camp is going on right now (Memeorandum has a bunch of reports). I was supposed to go to that but begged out cause my schedule is just too nutty.

Can we pack anymore events into a month? Got any other events coming up that we should be aware of?