Daily Archives: February 21, 2006

New Technorati Favorites

Cool new feature from Technorati: Favorites. Interesting cause there’s another new site called “Top 10 Sources” which Maryam and I will be on tomorrow (Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO is there today). I like the Technorati approach better cause anyone can participate. My favorites are here, although I’m about to leave so haven’t had much chance to fill this in properly. Yes, you can click this button to add me to your favorites list:

Add this blog to my Technorati Favorites!

15 poets celebrating Black History month

Brian Oberkirch of weblogswork.com is working on a new project: PodSlam!

Right now it’s a month-long online video poetry slam. 15 poets celebrating Black History Month. You can watch or download the slams, rate them, setup your own blog, and start talking. If it goes well they’ll be doing another one in April for National Poetry Month.

This is awesome! Now, would you ever be able to watch something like this on network TV? Hell no! I love the Web!

Project Management Software Maker tries Memetracker approach

OK, here’s a fun little marketing test. Axosoft is selling its $495 project management software for only $5 and it’s donating that to the American Red Cross. I’m not getting a thing, they just emailed me and I thought this was cool. It’s only for three days. It’ll be interesting to see how many takers they get. I’m a sucker for innovative marketing approaches.