Daily Archives: February 24, 2006

Jupiter analysts are podcasting

Michael Gartenberg and other Jupiter Analysts get together to talk about what Web 2.0 means for business. Cool, I’ve had quite a few conversations with Michael and always enjoyed them. Now I can listen to Michael anytime I have some free moments in my car or while walking around.

By the way, I’ll try to get to the Podcast Hotel tonight or tomorrow. I’m hearing from Eric Rice that it’s a lot of fun.

Oh, and WAIT until you see what Eric is building for me in Second Life! I hear it’s evil! And big! Heheh.

Church of the Customer gets Naked

You know, we’ve gotten tons of reviews for our book. I don’t link to many of them cause, personally, it just gets a little boring after a while. But the Church of the Customer authors just recommended it and I gotta celebrate a bit cause Ben and Jackie are two people I look up to and I remember thinking how cool they were to write a great book and do a good job consulting (I saw them speak at Microsoft a few years back).

Sorry for the celebration. Oh, and nice Photoshop work on our cover, too! Heheh.

On the radioooooo

What an honor to be on the radio with Christopher Lydon on NPR/KUOW yesterday (he is the first official podcaster, although our book got that detail wrong). We were talking about “what makes a city great.” I’m a transplant into Seattle and it was interesting to spend a few minutes thinking about what makes a great city. Yesterday I was on KOMO radio too, with Joe Trippi. I’ll also be on John Moe’s business and technology show next Tuesday night.

Funny thing, when I got to the KUOW studios someone in the audience (I didn’t get her name) told me “hey, I saw you on Rocketboom today.” That was freaky. The studios are nice there, right above Tower Records. Well, enough of the old-school media.