Daily Archives: March 1, 2006

Congrats Ernie on new New Orleans law firm

Ernie the Attorney announced that he’s starting a new law firm in New Orleans. One of my favorite memories of New Orleans was seeing Buddy Guy with Ernie. He walked through the entire crowd while strumming furiously on his guitar (all wireless, of course) then walked up a set of stairs and sat right next to Ernie and me, all while continuing to play his guitar. Just a magical moment that I’ll never forget.

Here’s wishing Ernie all the luck (he’ll need it after the year that New Orleans has had). Congrats!

Makes me think about Kathy Sierra’s latest post about the difference between the startup and corporate mentalities. Ernie, if there’s ever anything we can do to help get your business (and your city) to be successful, let us know!

Introducing Scobleizer, Inc. in Second Life

Eric Rice and I were drinking together recently and I noted that lots of my friends were getting into Second Life and that I wanted to get started there. He told me he was building a whole empire experience¬†and I tossed out “wouldn’t it be cool to own the biggest, baddest, software company in Second Life?”

He thought that was funny. So he, and Seigmancer Nino, built just that¬†(there are Flickr photos linked from that post). Notice the running lava underneath the building. And the blood in the main lobby’s fountain.

For those of you who have never been to Second Life, it’s a virtual world. You can just come and visit, if you want, or you can sign up to own land, build things, trade with others. It’s an amazing place and very addicting.

I’m Scoble Seattle. Say hi!