Daily Archives: March 2, 2006

Do it for the traffic, or not?

Brian Clark is saying Steve Rubel is a hypocrite when he says blogging “is not about the traffic.” (Brian’s report on getting traffic is useful, though, even if you say it’s not about the traffic).

I’ve been getting asked “how do you get traffic” a lot lately.

That’s the wrong first question to ask about blogging.

What’s the right one?

How to write a better blog! 43 folders has some tips on that.

Anyway, I didn’t get to the Under the Wire conference. Sigh. I slept in and missed my plane and now I’m headed to the New Communications Forum conference to get ready for our speech tomorrow.

Oh, Origami, what art you?

Tons of Origamisms over on Memeorandum.

Kirsten Osolind had something that caught my eye, though. She asks if Origami is going to do well with women?

Oh, Kirsten, you haven’t seen the final product. I haven’t yet, either. (I’m seeing it on Monday). It’s going to be shown to public for the first time at the CeBit expo in Hannover, Germany next week. Oh, and over on Channel 9. ;-)

There’s no way this thing is going to be able to meet the expectations of the hype being placed on it.

Let’s talk at the end of next week and see what you think then.

PBS, what kind of Mac you running?

Hey, PBS’s Mark Glaser says that he can’t watch WMV files. What kind of Mac are you running Mark? Also, WMV files have NOTHING to do with the kind of browser you have. It has to do with the media player you have.

By the way, my son is a Mac user. Maybe NPR should hire him. He knows how to play WMV files on his Mac. I’ll have him try to play these and get back to us. Are these files DRM’d?

I just got an email from a reader that said these files work just fine on his Mac.

Another guy just reported that he can’t view the AP Web page from his Mac and that the Web page itself (not the video formats) can’t be opened. Oh, that’s not nice!