Daily Archives: March 7, 2006

Nighttime at Microsoft

Damn, things are busy here at Microsoft tonight. I’m hanging out with the first open source team at Microsoft (the WIX team). Here’s a photo I shot while we were eating pizza. I didn’t realize this, but they meet every week until late in the evening. They do this on their own time. Their installer technology is used by almost every team at Microsoft (and many, many companies outside Microsoft).

Across 520 Sanaz has a team working on shipping some new stuff for Live.com tonight. I’m heading over there soon to get a look.

I should do a video of all the things that happen at night here.

Microsoft M&A waking up to RSS? Onfolio acquired

I’m cheering! Is Microsoft’s mergers and acquisitons department waking up to RSS?

Microsoft today announced that it has purchased Onfolio.

Excellent. Buzz Bruggeman is always¬†praising Onfolio running on his computers (he’s CEO of ActiveWords and someone who really works at having the most productive software around).

I can’t wait to hear about how the Onfolio technology will be used inside Microsoft’s stuff. For those who don’t remember Onfolio, it’s a browser plugin (works in both Firefox and IE). Is a very nice RSS News Aggregator (stores everything locally offline and has several different views).

What my coworkers have been doing

While I go traveling around the world collecting credit and accolades my coworkers stay back in the cold, dark, confines of their Redmond offices coding like mad. Don’t believe me? I’m staring across the hall at Charles Torre and his office is dark. Why is it that developers like the dark?

Anyway, Jeff Sandquist gives everyone an update on what’s coming next week from our team.

It’s http://on10.net/. Of course it has an RSS feed! ;-)

Seriously, I haven’t seen my coworkers have so much fun in a long time. There are a couple of other suprises too (Adam Kinney, the main dev/design guy,¬†hints that the team is bigger than we let on). Also on the dev team is Duncan Mackenzie and Erik Porter.

Can three devs architect, design, and code a killer site in less than a month? You’ll see on Monday.

That is if we call don’t get fired before then.

Will Pate will sell ice to eskimos

Or, at least, he did a good job selling me on linking to his blog. He was the VP of Sales and Marketing for a Vancouver Web development, design, and marketing firm, and he’s looking to get a job.

Will: don’t look for a job. Look for something you love. He has a good blog. If Jeremy Wright can sell a blog, well, then Will should blog to sell, right? Heheh!

Anyone else looking for a job? Post in my comments. You never know who’s watching.