Daily Archives: March 12, 2006

More hype than an Origami? Yeah, that’s On10.net

On10.net is on Digg already. Hot diggity.

I’d hype up this sucker, but it’s not gonna need my help. Can you name why? I have at least five reasons.

1) Talent. Onscreen you’ll see some TechTV types. On, no, Molly, that’s no objectification.
2) Formats. Check out the video formats!
3) Standards. View source!
4) Fun. Designed and debugged by a dev team that plays Xbox 360 together.
5) Design. Who approved this sucker at Microsoft? Have the branding police been contacted? ;-)

Congrats to the 10 team. I’m very honored to work with you all.

It’s a new site for technology enthusiasts.

What do you think?

Update: Looks like the site is still being replicated to the servers and they are still doing performance tuning on the site. So, it might be a bit wonky, particularly now that it’s getting hammered by Digg users.

Update 2: There’s a video I did of the Dev team of 10 on Channel 9 (did you see how they hooked Xbox gamertags into this?) where they talk about some of the AJAXy stuff they built (all on .NET 2.0, and all in less than a month — proves you can build a site very quickly with a small team on .NET 2.0). Jeff Sandquist has a post about it up on his blog. Joe Wilcox says “it’s just PR” but then says “Jeff and his team have done a commendable job.” Don’t worry, no one in the PR team was hurt in 10′s development! :-)

20 minutes in Houston

OK, so, I have 20 minutes in Houston. How many cool things can I post in 20 minutes? Let’s see.

Phillip Torrone has a cool how to on how to build a simple iPod Amp.

Tim Bray notices the feed icons site where you can get those new feed icons for your RSS or Atom feed and says he hates the phrase “User Generated Content.” Oh, I said that months ago when I started hearing that. That sounds like something that you don’t want anywhere near you. Gotta wash my hands after reading some UGC. Heheh.
Molly Holtzschlag has the objectification blues at SXSW and has a fun rant on how to sniff out a rotten standardista (she’s on the Web Standards Project so knows a bit about that topic).

Jim Grisanzio tells marketing expert Jack Trout that it’s time for the old-folks home.

Kiruba Shankar announces BarCamp Chennai. Dang, who knew this concept would go around the world? (Advertise your local BarCamp here in my comments).

Chris Sells brags about bagging a $366 Vista PC at Fry’s.

J Baumgart notices that NPR has a blog.

Holy f**k. Jeffrey Zeldman has full text feeds? Daniel Stout pointed that out to me (and more).

Jonathan Nolen guarantees that Skobee’s marketing guy will be well sought after at any conference from now on. Hmmm, is he coming to SXSW? :-)

After I get home from SXSW I head off to Vegas. Anyone wanna meet up next week at Mix? There’s a new Mix Meeting Place where we can sign up to meet.

Guy Kawasaki has some tips on how to be a great moderator.

Noah Kagan, of Facebook, has four easy steps to avoid making a resume. Can you believe it? A guy from one of our competitors asked me if I’d like to be considered for future positions. Then he asked me for my resume. I told him I didn’t want any job that required a resume.

The Googlers brought us a way to find a book in a library.

Charles Petzold, famous Windows developer, tells us “don’t count out WinForms yet.” That article got praises on several blogs.

Jeremy Zawodny, over at Yahoo, points at a video of what happens when a bird gets sucked into an F-16 RAF Hawk CT155202 engine.

This is just a very small portion of what you will find if you read RSS feeds instead of Memeorandum for a week. More to come later.