Daily Archives: March 16, 2006

Dark art

I’m not feeling that great, so I’m taking the next few days off to try to catch up on email and stuff.

In the meantime, I was talking with Asya Schween on email. Her art is interesting, might be something to check out. She’s a 25-year-old photographer who also has a Ph.D in Bioinformatics, Masters degrees in Applied Math and Computational Biology and a Bachelors in Physics.

And yet her art (self portraits) is disturbed and disturbing. Read more about her in Bending Light Magazine. Damn, who said smart people can’t do wild things?

I’m off for a while to catch up on life and ponder the greater meaning of Asya’s art.

Be back soon.

Update: there are thousands of Microsoft employees blogging and now there’s a “Blogs by Category” feature so you can see the employee blogs by category. There are two employee sites: blogs.msdn.com/categories/ (for developer-focused blogs) and blogs.technet.com/categories/ (for IT and business-focused blogs).

One other thing. WordPress has been a bit flakey on me today. Lots of people are emailing me. I’ve already emailed Matt and they are working on it. Thanks to the WordPress.com team for listening.

ShoZu adds photo blogging to camera phones

Liz Lawley showed me this app, ShoZu, at SXSW and it works great. ShoZu lets you do photo blogging from a variety of cell phones. On her phone (an Audiovox SMT5600) it makes sending a photo to Flickr (and a variety of other services) much much easier. This is must have stuff. They don’t have a Cingular 2125 phone listed yet (which is the phone I now use), but I’m going to use the one for the Audiovox that Liz has and see if that’ll work — it should.

HP gets 3.4x productivity gain from Agile techniques

Are you a manager of a software development team? The AgileManagement Blog, by David Anderson, brings cool stuff. Here he points to a Hewlett Packard team that got a 3.4x improvement by using agile management techniques.

That would make a good video to talk about what they did to get there. See, this is what I mean by good blogging. Add some value. Teach us something we didn’t already know.

Why is Vista better than XP?

Steve Newson (and Mini-Microsoft, who Steve links to) asks “why is Vista better than XP?”

I thought “hmm, that’s a good place for a Wiki.” Why? Cause there’s too many reasons to cover in one blog post or even a one-hour conversation. When Chris Pirillo and I gave a little tour at Northern Voice we only were able to cover about 1/100th of what makes it better in 30 minutes.

Ahh, there IS a Wiki on Windows Vista.

Already there’s hours of video that I’ve shot over on Channel 9. I’m slowly switching my life over to Windows Vista. I just switched my video editing machine yesterday. Wow. Windows Movie Maker is a lot better.

My test? Use Vista for a month then see if you can move back to XP. I am finding it frequently frustrating to move back as I get used to new things in Vista.