Daily Archives: March 19, 2006

The power of “I paid for this”

Doug Mahugh demonstrates the power of “I paid for this” rather than “cool thing I got for free.” Yes, I actually did spend my own money on my Cingular 2125.
He bought my phone after several other people around him also bought it and says “the hype is true: this phone rocks.”

Shel Israel also bought one and says something similar: “Short summary. I love this phone.  It is a life changing piece of technology.”

College trends

I’m on the troll through my RSS feeds. One of the feeds I subscribe to is Ethan Kaplan. He’s the director of technology for Warner Bros Records.

The other day he gave a lecture at University of California Santa Barbara and found some interesting things:

  • About 1/3 had a MySpace profile.
  • Roughly 90% had FaceBook profiles.
  • Five people, all guys had heard of digg
  • No one had heard of BoingBoing, Delcious, memorandum or NewsVine.
  • About 15 had the Arctic Monkeys CD. None had paid for it
  • Only a few had actually bought music in the last month
  • About 20 had heard about the Sony DRM scandal