Scoble: poster child for not blogging

Hey, I had a bad weekend, OK? I answer 10s of thousand of comments, most of the time I'm a nice guy with a thick skin and take all the crap that's thrown my way. Last week I had enough. I bit back. I made mistakes. I was wrong.

I was human.

But, Nicholas Carr used my few bad responses against all corporate bloggers. I guess he wants a PR machine to blog. A committee. A group of editors. People who will ensure that nothing wrong, or bad, or insane will ever get onto blogs.

Hey, I'm sorry for having a bad week. I've been getting a good dose of my own medicine this morning (read my "better jail than mail" post to see just how bad my words were taken across the blogosphere) but I guess Nicholas would rather not have humans interacting with customers. Guess what? Sometimes humans get mad. Sometimes they get angry. Sometimes they act insane. Sometimes they are wrong. Sometimes they make mistakes.

We aren't machines. Sorry, Nicholas, if you expect corporate bloggers to be machines that'll always smile and always take the crud that's out here without making mistakes then you'll be sorely disappointed. 

The blogosphere worked. I told me violently and quickly I was wrong.

I was. But that's no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. 

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