Australia, leading the world back to ethical blogging

It's already April 2 in Australia, so Gary Wisniewski, who lives there, tries to lead blogging back to something better with his post: Blogging May Need an Ethics Renaissance.

"The conversation is sounding like a drunken bevy of aristocrats at an opera premier.  Meme-trackers have in some ways made it worse.  I was just sickened to see the feeding frenzy that April fools initiated.  It brings out the worst in people to "know how to seed the meme"."

Announcing Google Circles

As part of my new PR job, I'll be announcing cool new stuff from Google. Like today's Google Circles. It's not evil, it's useful!

In other news today, Steve Rubel cost me $20 on the Strumpette dead pool. I figured Steve would last at Edelman at least until May. Turns out he's joining Jeremy Pepper and forming a new PR firm. What's next? I'm hearing rumors that Dave Winer and Tim O'Reilly are joining forces to do a new series of OPML conferences together. It's a weird world today, what can I say?

I'll be honest, Amazon made a last minute play to keep me from going to Google. They figured if I could take harsh questions from Amazon's CTO, that I probably could withstand the harsh questions that the Wall Street Journal or New York Times will ask (not to mention those real journalists over at the Register). But, alas, I didn't agree with their new policy of releasing all employee IM addresses.

Oh, is it just me or did Slashdot get a better design today?

Heh, and did you see "the real Steve Jobs" over on the Joy of Tech? That made me laugh for at least 15 seconds.

I must admit that I'm really bummed. Just when I accept a job at Google Matt Cutts leaves and goes to Yahoo. Now I gotta work with Jeremy Zawodny. Well, I'm off to the Googleplex' many snack bars to eat some of those ummy gummy things. That'll make me feel better.

Announcement, I’m going to Google

I just got off the phone with Larry Page. He's offered me a job to run Google's PR department and I've decided to take him up on it. Why? Because I finally realized that Steve Gillmor is right. Microsoft Office is dead and I wanted to be at the company that is the future of everything.

Larry and Marissa Mayer, who I met at the Google Zeitgeist conference last year, showed me their top secret plans for the future of the software industry and, WOW, are they unbelieveable.

If you loved Google Earth, you'll go crazy when you see what Larry and Sergey have cooked up! Sorry, I've signed an NDA so you'll just have to wait.

Why else did I decide to leave Microsoft? Well, getting 20% of my time back to do whatever I wanted to certainly played a part. Plus, they increased my salary to more than $100,000 and the free food rocks for a fat guy like me!

Anyway, I wanted you to know the news first before anyone else found out.

My first project will be to convert the Scoble Dashboard over to a Linux box.

Also, as part of the deal, I'll be moving to the new Shanghai Google headquarters since Google is moving to China now. My first job as PR guy for the new Chinese-run Google is to ban all uncredible journalists from writing about Google. This might sound a little evil, but it isn't, the world is better off without them. Sergey will announce on Monday that they are redefining evil to mean "whatever Scoble says is evil."

This also means I will add Google ads to all my Web properties and next week I'll switch my Hotmail email address over to a Gmail one. It's going to be a great move for me and my family.

One of my last duties as a Microsoft employee was to upload some videos of Microsoft pranks throughout the years (cool NERD device!).

Oh, one major factor in my decision was Matt Cutts, Google's top blogger. He got me drunk at Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Strategies conference a few weeks ago and got me to leak all of Microsoft's secrets, not to mention he brainwashed me using Steve Ballmer's new brainwashing device (I don't know how he got one of those, but, heck, I guess billionaires can get anything nowadays). Hey, the brainwashing feels good and my allowance went up a few bucks a week.

Matt's pitch to me? "You can work for Bill Gates anytime, but can you work for a company that's gonna make space elevators along with NASA?" Then he showed me the new Google room search prototype and I forgot about all the lame stuff that Bill Gates showed me at lunch last week.

How could I resist a pitch like that?

As part of the deal I'll have to give up my evil and large software company in Second Life. Google will take that over and will replace the blood fountain with a ping-pong table and heat from my lava field will be mined to provide a new source of energy to run its new datacenters.

I'm off to call Steve Ballmer and give him the bad news. I'll ask him to sit down before telling him.

PS: happy ninth blog birthday to Dave Winer's Scripting News.

Update: did you see the Windows Vista news? Maybe I should have stayed at Microsoft!

Update: Oh, one thing that I learned is Google is going to open up Google Video to let you upload as much porn as you want (or, you can charge per viewings of your own video). Of course this video content will be blocked in China.