Danny comments on my ego (search)

Danny Sullivan comments on my ego search. He's the world's search authority (runs the most popular Search Engine Web site and conference series). John Battelle, the other authority (he wrote a book on the topic) chimes in too.

Says we shouldn't judge search engines by our egos. Heheh. True, true, but the thing is we judge search engines through what we know. I remember trying to get my dad to use Google in the late 1990s and he refused. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and he'd keep showing me searches for Electrical Engineering. Alta Vista was better in his mind purely because of a handful of searches. He finally switched when he saw Google was finally better for those searches.

I watch my referer page like a hawk. Looking for new bloggers who link to me. But WordPress also shows how people use search engines to get to my blog. #1 term? Scoble. By far. So, it's very important to me that a search for "Scoble" finds my current blog. Today 83 people searched a search engine for the term "Scoble." Another 29 searched for "Robert Scoble" and another 17 searched for "Scobleizer." So, ego searches, today alone, brought me more than 100 visitors.

But, Danny's right. We need to look at more than just ego searches to define whether an engine is good or not. His post is a good one to read because it demonstrates the thoroughness that got him to #1.

The tax man “Rebooted” me

Hugh is hoping that I can come to the Reboot conference in Copenhagen in June. Well, a few problems. 1) I'm just tired of traveling. This last weekend was so nice cause I got to stay home with Maryam. Life has been too nuts lately and I'm turning down speaking opportunities now. 2) Last night we did our taxes and it wasn't fun. The tax man took my fun money. So, can't afford a trip to Europe this year, at least on my own dime.

So, I doubt I'll go this year, even if somehow we find the extra money. This bums me out, though, cause Reboot last year was a great conference. Lots of geeks doing cool things (that's where I saw Linux running on an iPod for the first time).

So, for this one, I'll be looking forward to the video feed.