Blog break time

Munir Umrani asks "where is Mini?"

Heh, I bet someone got him an Xbox! 😉

But, tonight I was talking with Steve Gillmor and told him I was thinking of taking some time off. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now but I wanted to do it with some thought first.

Along these lines Udo Schroeter wonders whether we are just ganging up on people and is that a good "conversation?"

That's what Steve Gillmor and I talked about too.

I'm gonna take some time off, think more about what I want to do as a blogger, as an employee, as a husband, as a father, and come back fresh.

Translation: I gotta play some Xbox! 🙂 (Thanks to Chris Pirillo, I didn't know he was gonna video me at brunch today).

I also have a bunch of Channel 9 tasks to do too, I'm way behind there too.

It's possible that I'll take two weeks off cause my son will be here next week and I wanna spend some time with him.

Take care of the place while I'm gone.

New blogs, best man, and Xbox 360s

I like finding new tech blogs. Just found a fun one done by Tunji Afonja. He runs his own software development company in Kansas City. Love the name: The Blog of an African Nerd.

How did I find him? A Technorati search for Xbox and Media Center. He wrote a “bold prediction” that the race for the living room is over. Hmmm, I think it’s just starting!

But, if he’s talking about my living room, he’s right. I got my Xbox 360 and I’m installing it.

The Xbox is a sordid tale. Maryam made me take back the one I bought the other night. She did a great whine and freak out show for me. Said we didn’t have the money. Which is sorta true, but what the heck, I needed it for research. 🙂

Turns out that whole song and dance was a game of its own. See, she was in cahoots with Chris Pirillo and Ponzi. They had already gotten me an Xbox 360 as a gift for being their best man at their wedding (date to come, but sometime in November/December). That’ll be quite an event, almost as good as Gnomedex!

Why don’t they just get married at Gnomedex? That’d save them some money and trouble. And it’d guarantee that it’d get recorded and Flickred.

Anyway, thanks Chris, now I gotta go to the store and get some stuff to finish off the installation.

Oh, and I can smell a blog vacation coming on. Mmmmm, it smells like Oblivion! (All my friends who’ve tried that game are RAVING about it. They say that it, alone, is worth spending the $400 on an Xbox to get it.

We’ll see.

Heh, Rich, how’s the fad going?

Rich Levin will forever be famous as the guy who told me, back when I started blogging five years ago, that blogging is a fad and that I wouldn't be doing it very long.

To his credit, though, he had me on his radio show the other day and has put the recording up. We talk about a lot of stuff from Microsoft to our new book.

He's interviewed hundreds of other people (he's been doing a radio show for as long as I've known him and I've known him a lot longer than I've been blogging — his show is on many stations on the East Coast).

You've gotta listen to the first few minutes of the recording. Rich's daughter introduces us. She's so cute!

Oh, and Rich has a blog now too. Heheh.

Partying with Steve Ball and talking about Garageband

Steve Ball invited Buzz and I over to a party at his new house tonight. He’s the guy who runs the media teams on Windows. Quite a good guitarist too.

What’s fun is you can listen to his music too.

But at the party I met some interesting technologists. Steve introduced me to David LaVallee.

Don’t know who David is? I didn’t either.

But he worked with Steve Jobs for years and, while at Apple, was the guy who pushed Jobs to buy Garageband. He also worked on the original Java team and at Disney for a while.

He’s now working at Microsoft on the MSN Messenger team. His blog is fun to read.

What else did he do? He helped Steve Jobs do his presentations. We talked about why Gates’ presentations are never as good as Jobs. We joked that he should go to Bill and say “you can only put three words on each slide.”

Ahh, that’s what we do for fun in Seattle on a Saturday night.

Oh, and Steve said the guy who runs the Google Video team was at the party too, but I missed him.

Steve said that he learned that Google video was done by four people over four months. That reminds me to go looking for small teams at Microsoft that are doing kick ass things.

Well, hope your Saturday evening was as fun!

Oh, and while we’re talking about Garageband, I see that Mary Jo Foley says that Microsoft is developing a Garageband competitor. Hmmm, I love it when Mary Jo finds out stuff that I don’t know about Microsoft. I gotta ask about that one on Monday when I’m back in the office.