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please send me stuff…

by: bubba murarka 

I was iming with a friend (couldn't confirm he was okay with me naming him) and he noted that scoble and I are pretty different types of bloggers.  Not a bad or a good thing, just sort of a fact.  I think he best said it with the following:

Scoble is a like a mini-newspaper. That's why many folks read his blog. Links to interesting stuff going in tech mixed with some MSFT propaganda

I like being me, but thought it was a good point and I decided to try and post some more links in addition to my long stories.  Got any?  Send them to me at bubbam@microsoft.com.  I won't post everything, but I'll try to read it all! 

Oh, if you work for MSFT in the valley and have a blog, let me know…I want to post links to them as a follow up to last night's long post. 

Updated: added by-line.

Nice Nugget from Marc

by: bubba murarka 

I once had dinner in New Mexico with Marc Orchant and I really enjoyed our evening talking, geeking and bonding.  He gave me some cool geek shirts and I gave him a book.  One of the downsides of my info management is I never really got into the habit of reading his blog.  I randomly went over there today and found a link to some advice for microsoft modeled after federal tourism advice.  It was an intresting  set of ideas on how to approach the partner conversations differently.  I'm not sure agree with it 100%, but I thought it was a good read. 

But what I really identified with is what Marc said about being at MSFT in redmond:

Many times when I've spoken with Microsoft employees, they talk about how living and working in Redmond is like being in a different world. That can be a blessing and a curse.

I tried to work this in to my post last night about why I like working at SVC. I feel exactly like his aggregate msft redmond based employees during my trips there.  However it is tempered with a different space and vibe while i'm home at SVC that is refreshingly contrasting/invigorating. 

I couldn't quite find the words to explain it last night.  Luckily Marc did and I appreciate it! 

Now if only the comments on zdnet didn't ask for much info to post one!

Updated: added a by-line.