New Sony, Old Sony

Scoble's new Sony HDTV

Astute watchers of my Flickr feed noticed something new showed up in my family room tonight.

How did I get Maryam to allow this? Five simple words:

No payments for 18 months.


Here's the Sony model I bought.

It's awesome, by the way. It's HUGE and crisp.

My brother also has one, he did a lot of research and found it's the sharpest resolution at about a $3,000 price range.

That's our old Sony in the background. We're off to Fred Meyer to buy some cables and get it setup.

Maryam's reaction? She's playing Zuma and says "great, now I'll have to call in sick tomorrow." She loves it! See, Maryam, far better than a stove. 🙂