RawSugar updates its tag-based search and beats the BigCo’s

I spent some time last week with Bill Lazar and Offer Ben-Shachar of the search engine they call "RawSugar."

They showed me an early version of their new blog integration (er, WordPress Widget) as well as their new outline view, which is generated via tags. This engine has come a long way in just a few months since I first wrote about it.

Is it a Google/Yahoo/MSN killer? No. But this could be a game changer for bloggers.

Why? Well, take a look at a search for "Scobleizer" on RawSugar. Look down the left side. Notice the categorization? I think that's awesome! They are the first engine to do this (you have to add your page to their engine and do a little bit of work to make this come out like this).

Anyway, it's not perfect, but RawSugar is demonstrating that search isn't done and that a small company with very few developers can still do things that the big companies can't, or won't, do.

Congrats guys!